Instituto Superior Técnico

Núcleo de Estatística e Prospectiva


According to the strategy defined by IST, and, more specifically, by AEP, the objectives set for NEP are as follows:

  • To contribute to the reinforcement of IST as a S&T school of reference in Europe and worldwide, namely through the following activities: collaboration in initiatives under partnerships of the CLUSTER Network and/or other national and international organizations; disclosure/valorisation of indicators and other relevant information on IST, including the participation in thematic events/working groups;
  • To promote, monitor, evaluate and plan the activities carried out by IST such as Governance and Management, Teaching, R&D and Technology Transfer through performance indicators and estimates, through the contribution to the strategic planning and development of an integrated quality assurance system for IST, through the participation and promotion of initiatives to evaluate and follow up the Bologna process;
  • To promote the continuing administrative improvement, efficiency and effectiveness of the services that support IST’s activities, namely through the contribution to the development and optimization of the information systems that support the institution’s teaching and decision-making process.