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The contribution of the NEP team to the Quality Assurance System of the Course Units taught at IST (QUC) involves the processing of information, and the resulting outcome delivery as for the format, statistical processing and reliability and the development of studies on the subject. This page includes:

  • Brief history
  • Studies on the subject (only available in Portuguese)

Brief History

Regulated since 1998 by the Pedagogical Council of IST, but in operation since 1993, the assessment system for the performance of subjects met some internal and external requirements, regarding the need to assess and monitor the academic activities. In 2007, with the need to adapt to the Bologna process and to the international reality, both a review and an assessment of the teaching and learning process was conducted, which culminated in the launch of an internal quality assurance system – SIQuIST (Integrated Quality Systems of  IST).

In this context, some directives were defined with a view to building a new Quality Assurance (Sub) System for the Course Units taught at IST (QUC), which enshrines an assessment carried out on a half-yearly basis that is basically aimed at:

  • monitoring the performance of each course unit vis-à-vis the set aims in the curricula of the programmes supplied by IST;
  • promoting the continuous improvement of the teaching, learning and assessment process of the Student as such and his or her involvement in them.